Do You Have a Slab Leak? Call a Plumber in Las Vegas, NV Now!

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A slab leak refers to a water line leak beneath the concrete slab of your home. They are very dangerous and lead to extensive structural damage to your house. If you find one, you must call a plumber in Las Vegas, NV as soon as possible, or you risk being the next big disaster. The earlier you find one, the more hope you have of avoiding extensive repair costs. Here are five signs of slab leaks that require immediate attention:

  • Floor distortions: The concrete slab beneath your floor eventually absorbs water. As this occurs, your floor starts to warp. Wood and laminate floors rise and ripple, and carpeted floor does the same thing while remaining soaking wet no matter how much you try to dry it. Unless you know for certain where the water is coming from, assume it is a slab leak and act quickly before your flooring fails entirely.
  • Mold growth: As we have a dry climate, mold is less of a problem in Las Vegas than other parts of the country. However, that does not mean it never happens. If you have a slab leak, you create the perfect environment for mold to flourish. Warm temperatures and a constant water supply encourage it, and soon, your household will suffer symptoms. Those with respiratory conditions will show signs first, and then others will follow, complaining of cold-like symptoms. Mold can start in your floors and move up your walls. Once it becomes part of the drywall, it is difficult to remove. If you wait too long to address the leak and the mold, your home will only make your friends and family sicker.
  • Odors: When a slab leak lingers, you will smell it as well as see the signs. The musky, dank odor of mold is one possible development. If you’ve ever visited a damp basement, you know this smell well. The worst-case scenario is slab leaks involving a sewer line. You will not only detect mold smells, but also the stench of waste as it permeates throughout your home and yard.
  • Landscape damage: Slab leaks happen outside, too, and they are no less dangerous. If the leak is under a driveway or garden, you will discover mushy patches of grass and sunken spaces. Driveways will crack more and even sink if you put off repairing the leak for long enough. Since sinkholes become a real possibility with uncontrolled slab leaks, you want to address this just as quickly as you would if you discover a leak within your home.
  • Foundation issues: The structural supports of your foundation rest against the slab. Before long, the moisture can rust the supports and lead to cracking and sagging in your foundation. When this occurs, you will notice bumps and rises in the floor and even soft spots in some areas. This threatens the structural integrity of your home and places your household in danger.

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