House Full of Guests for the Holidays? It’s Time to Call for Drain Cleaning Service in Las Vegas, NV!

December 22, 2017 Published by Leave your thoughts

Hosting overnight guests during the holidays gives you more time to see your loved ones. But depending on how many guests you have and how long they stay, you could end the holidays with a tired plumbing system—or worse, run into plumbing issues during the holidays. The good news is that you can avoid clogged drains and other plumbing problems with proper care and regular maintenance before and after the holiday season. There will be no additional holiday-time stress for you!

Whether you had a house full of guests for the holidays or are hosting a crowd to ring in the new year, you might consider scheduling an appointment with a professional drain cleaning service in Las Vegas, NV. For now, here are some tips to prevent trouble with your sewer lines this holiday season:

  • Don’t pour oil down the kitchen sink: There are many poor choices you may be guilty of making in your rush to get food on the table, including dumping cooking oil down your kitchen sink. Sure, this makes for a quicker, easier cleanup, but too much oil in the pipes can lead to clogs. Instead of pouring oils, fats and grease down the drain, let them cool and then dispose of them in a bag or a sealed container.
  • Properly dispose of table scraps: A lot of holiday houseguests equals a hefty amount of table scraps. Forbid them from feeding table scraps to your pets. Also, tape a note above the sink asking guests to scrape excess food into the trash can instead of disposing bits of meat, bones, bread and other foods into the garbage disposal. As the cook, don’t toss food prep leftovers (vegetable peels, undesirable produce ends, fat trimmings) into the sink to wash down the drain.
  • Only flush toilet paper: Regardless of whether you’re on a sewer or septic system, nothing but toilet paper and human waste should be flushed down the toilet. Remind your holiday visitors and overnight guests that things like paper towels, tissues, all types of wet wipes and sanitary products are to be thrown away in the garbage can, not the toilet.
  • Get bigger or additional trash cans: More people means more trash, so consider purchasing a few extra or larger trash cans for the bathrooms and kitchen. Placing smaller cans in common areas—like the living room and dining room—as well as in guest bedrooms ensures that less refuse will end up in the toilets or the garbage disposal.
  • Clear your drains: Having your drains professionally cleaned before holiday guests arrive and then again after the holidays will give you peace of mind. You’ll feel better knowing your home’s drains are in good working order.

If you have a drain or multiple drains that are gurgling, draining slowly, not draining or backing up, look no further than the team at Orchard Plumbing for help. We are your premier local drain cleaning service in Las Vegas, NV, and we’re ready to ensure clear drains for the remainder of your holidays and into the new year. Call us today!

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