Three Things to Check Regarding Your Plumbing Before Summertime

May 8, 2018 Published by Leave your thoughts

Summer is just around the corner! That means sunny days can be spent catching some rays by the pool or even taking a much-needed family vacation. Though summertime is typically meant for relaxation, there are a few things you need to take care of around the house before you can kick back and take some time off. If you’re a homeowner, call a plumber to take care of the following things.

Washing machine hoses

Tossing clothes in your washing machine is something you probably do absentmindedly every couple of days. After all, washing machines are a luxury that we all seem to take for granted. You’ll quickly find out how much you appreciate your laundry machine as soon as you have an issue and can’t use it until it’s repaired! Before summer starts and you start washing your kids’ beach towels every day, hire plumbing services in Las Vegas, NV to inspect your washing machine hoses.

The hoses attached to the back of your washer allow water to flow freely from your pipes into the machine—that is, until they start to tear and fall apart. These hoses are typically made from rubber and only last a few years before needing to be replaced. Torn rubber hoses can lead to flooding and certainly mean you can’t wash your clothes for a while. Luckily, all it takes is a call to a plumber to replace your hoses. The job is quick and easy for our trained professionals.

Dishwasher and disposal

Much like laundry machines, our dishwashers are appliances we take for granted on a regular basis. Hand-washing dishes is a pain, and it’s the last thing you’ll want to do this summer if your dishwasher breaks. Think about how much extra work it’ll be to hand wash all of your utensils and plates after a neighborhood barbecue! You can help prevent any major dishwasher problems by not overloading it, and by calling a plumber for an inspection. We’ll take a look at it and make sure that all of the connections are tight, and it won’t break or flood this summer.

When it comes to your garbage disposal, don’t treat it as a catchall for your food scraps! Things like fruit bits, bones, eggshells and coffee grounds have no business going down your kitchen sink. Use the trashcan for all your scraps and you can rest easy knowing that you won’t run into any problems with your garbage disposal anytime soon.

Water heater

There’s nothing quite like a hot, steamy shower to wake you up in the morning. Ensure you’re able to take a nice shower each day by having your water heater inspected! You should have your water heater inspected by a plumber every year or so. We can tell if it’s running properly or if it could run into any issues that’ll require repairs. Additionally, make sure you turn your water heater down if you leave for an extended vacation. There’s no point in paying for hot water that you won’t use.

Don’t wait around to have your plumbing inspected—pick up the phone and call Orchard Plumbing today. Our plumbing services in Las Vegas, NV are second to none in terms of speed, quality and affordability!

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