What Does “Sewer Service” Mean?

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If you’re a resident or business owner in Las Vegas, you may be wondering how to best care for the sewer system in your home or commercial space. Because homes and businesses in the greater Las Vegas metropolitan area connect to larger municipal sewer systems, it’s imperative to ensure that the smaller systems in your home or business are always in premier condition. Working with a professional provider of sewer service in Las Vegas, NV is the best way to keep your home’s sewage system in prime condition.

Failure to maintain a residential or commercial sewer system could result in overly expensive utility bills, massive amounts of property damage and other undesirable outcomes. Damaged sewer lines can cause everything from water damage to foul odors to degraded structural integrity and permanent foundational damage.

There are a number of tasks associated with sewer service in Las Vegas, NV, which can include but are not limited to the following:

  • Sewer jetting: Often, sewer lines can become clogged with extraneous dirt and debris that requires jetting. During a jetting session, a sewer service expert will spray highly pressurized water streams into a specially targeted area. This will break up most blockages and allow your sewer system to continue working as intended for the foreseeable future.
  • Location services: If you’re planning to conduct any work on your property, be sure that you first have a comprehensive understanding of where your sewer lines sit. Working with an expert specializing in sewer service in Las Vegas, NV can help you ensure that you know exactly where your sewer lines and other utility service lines sit, so that you can dig and excavate with confidence.
  • Cleaning and repairs: Many sewer systems require extensive cleaning on a regular basis—particularly those employed at commercial sites. Working with a provider of sewer service can help you invest in cleaning whenever your system may need it. Most qualified providers will also be able to identify and repair any ongoing issues while working on your system.
  • Drain cleaning: Sometimes, it may not be your sewer system that’s at fault, but simply a drain or individual pipe. Sewer service experts can address ongoing drainage issues at your home or business in the greater Las Vegas area.
  • Video examination: In some instances, it may be necessary to get a comprehensive view of the interior of your sewer system in order to accurately diagnose its problems. Most sewer service providers offer video examination services designed to help you gain a thorough understanding of what’s occurring underground.

For two decades, Orchard Plumbing has been a premier provider of sewer service in Las Vegas, NV. We specialize in meeting the needs of both commercial and residential clients. You can count on our friendly, knowledgeable team members to provide you with an excellent range of high-quality sewer services and repairs. Reach out to one of our sewer care professionals today to learn all about our comprehensive range of plumbing services for both homes and businesses, and to find out if Orchard Plumbing is the right company to meet your sewer service needs.

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