Garbage Disposals: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

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Garbage disposals are common appliances that offer convenience when you’re cooking, washing dishes or cleaning your kitchen. They can process some food scraps that go down the drain so that you don’t have to worry about your sink becoming clogged with various food particles and debris. While garbage disposals are designed to be durable, they won’t last forever, and eventually they may become damaged or require replacement. In order to care for your garbage disposal effectively, it’s important to understand a little bit more about the most common types of garbage disposal issues and what you or your plumber in Las Vegas, NV can do to address them:

  • Jamming: One of the most common issues with garbage disposals is jammed impellers. When this happens, there is some kind of obstruction in the way that’s preventing the garbage disposal from properly processing food particles. If you experience this problem, don’t try to dislodge the blockage by hand. If you want to try to resolve the issue yourself, you should first turn off your garbage disposal and shut off the circuit that powers it. After that, you can attempt to clear away the obstruction in your appliance. If you aren’t comfortable doing this on your own or you can’t seem to access the blockage, it’s a good idea to hire a professional plumber in Las Vegas, NV to handle the job instead.
  • Overheating: When garbage disposals overheat, they often trip the circuit breaker and shut off automatically. If you try to turn your garbage disposal on and it doesn’t even start up, it’s possible that there is an overheating issue. Usually, you can simply turn the circuit back on to resolve this issue and give your garbage disposal a minute to cool down before starting it up again.
  • Strong odors: If you notice strong, foul odors coming from your garbage disposal, there might be a clog or blockage in your plumbing that you should have inspected. A professional plumber will be able to assess the problem and find a solution.

The importance of professional maintenance

Regardless of what specific issue is going on with your garbage disposal, you should always get help from a professional plumber in Las Vegas, NV to help you address it. They will be able to accurately assess the source of the problem and provide repair solutions to get your garbage disposal back into the best possible working condition. When you think about all of the odors, germs, bacteria and blockages that can be lurking in your garbage disposal, it makes sense to leave maintenance and repairs to a professional who knows how to handle these things.

Reach out to a plumber in Las Vegas, NV

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