How to Locate Your Water Shutoff Valve

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When it comes to your household plumbing, there’s a main water shutoff valve, and shutoff valves associated with specific plumbing fixtures. And although most valves are easy to find, it behooves you to know ahead of time where they are located and how to stop water from running through pipes during plumbing emergencies, including pipe bursts and leaks. While the water shutoff valves for indoor water fixtures are inside the house, others are installed on the outside perimeter of the property. As for the main valve, it’ll most likely be located near the perimeter and not in a central portion of the house.

It’s important for every homeowner to know where to find their main water shutoff valve. Below, a residential plumber in Las Vegas, NV helps you prepare for surprise plumbing issues by directing you to the appropriate place to shut off your water.

The shutoff valve on slabs

If your house sits atop a slab, your main water shutoff valve should be in the vicinity of the water heater tank. Look underneath or on top of the water heater for a piece shaped like a ring (a gate valve) or a lever (a ball valve). If you have a ring, turn the valve to your right to shut off the water. A lever needs its valve turned perpendicularly.

The shutoff valve in a basement

Does your home have a basement? If so, chances are that’s where you’ll find the water shutoff valve. To locate the valve, look on the side of the wall opposite your hose bib. Alternatively, track where the garden hose attachment is located on the outside of the house and find the corresponding spot on the wall inside the basement.

The shutoff valve in a crawl space

Some home’s shutoff valves are not in super convenient places. For instance, your main water shutoff valve could be located under a crawlspace. It’s often easy enough to find the valve along the front wall of your house underneath the crawl space.

Can’t find the shutoff valve

In an emergency, you need to head straight for the main water shutoff valve. However, if you cannot find it quickly, the water can also be shut off from the main city sewer line, which is usually located outside in front of the house.

Locating shutoff valves on plumbing fixtures

Some leaks are slow drips, while others are gushers. The more water that leaks out, the greater your risk for indoor flooding. If you notice a toilet, sink or washing machine leaking, take a look around the fixture for its own shutoff valve:

  • Toilets: There should be a small valve on the wall your toilet sits against—it’s usually located below the bowl. Turn it gently in a clockwise direction to stop the flow of water.
  • Sinks: Check underneath the sink in the cabinet for a small valve. Turn the handle clockwise to cut off the flow of water.
  • Washer: There should be two valves behind the washing machine. Turn them clockwise to shut off the water supply.

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