Five Common Reasons for Low Water Pressure in Las Vegas, NV

September 6, 2019 Published by Leave your thoughts

Low water pressure can drive anyone crazy. It’s frustrating and inefficient, especially when coupled with a hard water issue. This situation can manifest slowly, restricting water flow over time until something major presents itself. The first sign of low water pressure issues is being in the shower and unable to rinse soap off your skin and shampoo from your hair. Or perhaps the washing machine takes longer to fill up, or the dishwasher takes longer to run through cleaning cycles. Indoor and outdoor faucets may go from steady steams to slow dribbles. What’s going on? What can you do about it?

To address the problem, you have to identify the underlying cause. Below are five of the most common reasons why homeowners experience low water pressure in Las Vegas, NV:

  • Water valve issues: If your property is connected to the municipal water supply, note the two important water valves. One is the house’s main water shutoff valve, and the other is located at street level outside of your home at the water meter. A partially closed valve can make a difference in water pressure.
  • Pressure regulator problems: Your home may have another type of valve called a pressure regulator. This valve reduces the water pressure entering your home’s plumbing to a comfortable and safe level. Otherwise, water pressure that’s too high can result in plumbing issues and cause stress on appliances like washing machines and dishwashers. It’s the pressure regulator’s job to protect pipes and appliances and to extend the life of your water fixtures. Should the regulator fail, you may notice a sudden increase or decrease in water pressure.
  • Faulty fixtures and faucets: Your water pressure issues could also be related to faulty faucets and fixtures. If there’s low pressure in one area, check pipes for clogs or corrosion. Replacing faucet aerators and cleaning shower heads of limescale may help, but the entire fixture might need to go if the problem is really bad.
  • Corroded plumbing pipes: It’s common for homes with older plumbing systems and galvanized iron pipes to have poor water pressure. These pipes can become clogged with scale, or water flow may be restricted by corrosion.
  • Clogged pipes: Mineral deposit buildup from hard water can account for clogged fixtures and pipes. And while clogged pipes are a common cause of low water pressure, be aware that the problem likely runs deeper.

Installing a water softener in your home is one way to prevent water pressure problems and hard water issues. Your best bet is to hire a local plumber who understands the water quality in your area to install a high-quality water softener. Once your water is soft again, your plumbing will be able to avoid falling victim to low water pressure issues, scale buildup, clogged pipes and slow draining. As for you and your family, you can wave goodbye to dried-out hair and skin, frustration and appliances issues.

If your household is experiencing low water pressure in Las Vegas, NV, contact the team at Orchard Plumbing immediately. We can evaluate your water or plumbing fixture situation and identify an effective solution.

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