How to Prevent Hair Clogs in Las Vegas, NV

October 23, 2019 Published by Leave your thoughts

If there’s one thing folks with long hair know about, it’s accidentally clogging up the bathroom sink or shower drain with fallen strands of hair. These hair clogs in Las Vegas, NV can cause big problems for your drains and internal plumbing if left untouched for too long. Eventually, you may even have to call a plumber to snake out the clog for you. We’ve put together this handy post to prevent that scenario. Continue reading to learn more about preventing nasty hair clogs:

  • Install drain covers: Your best friends in preventing hair clogs are drain covers. These screens go right on top of your sink and shower drains, and catch any hair or other debris before it slips down the drain. They’re available at any hardware store, and they only cost a few dollars each. Be sure to get them for each drain in your home, even your kitchen!
  • Avoid brushing hair by drains: Brushing your hair in front of the bathroom mirror is probably part of your daily routine. It’s time to consider switching it up a bit! Instead of brushing your hair by the sink, where strands are bound to go down the drain, consider brushing it at a different mirror in your home. Doing so will significantly reduce the chance of a clogged drain in Las Vegas, NV.
  • Keep an eye out: Hair doesn’t fall out of your scalp only while you’re brushing it. If you notice some in the sink, be sure to pick it up before the strand makes its way down the drain. The same applies when you’re in the shower—wipe up any hair strands as soon as you see them.

How to clear out hair clogs

Despite your best efforts, hair clogs in Las Vegas, NV can still happen. Here’s how you can clear your drain by yourself:

  • Clean your screens: If you’ve installed the drain screens mentioned above, what looks like a stopped-up sink or shower may in fact just be a dirty drain cover. Pick up the screen, wipe it off and rinse it with water. This should fix your issue.
  • Do a homemade rinse: Once a month, we recommend pouring one cup of baking soda and one cup of vinegar down each drain in your home. This mixture will bubble up and help clear out any debris caught in your pipes. Once the bubbles stop, pour one or two cups of boiling water down the drain to ensure the debris has been cleared for good.
  • Call a plumber: If the steps above don’t work, the clog may be bigger than expected, or farther down the drain. Your best bet is to bring in a professional in this situation. A plumber has all the right tools to clear out that nasty clog, regardless of its size or location.

Whatever the cause of your clogged drain in Las Vegas, NV, we’re the team to clear it out for you! Give Orchard Plumbing a call today to clear out your drain or to learn more about any of our other residential and commercial plumbing services.

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