Four Plumbing Mistakes You Might Be Making

February 26, 2020 Published by Leave your thoughts

When you own your own home, it can be tempting to take care of issues yourself when they arise. For example, if a pipe springs a leak or a drain gets clogged in your home, active homeowners may feel compelled to engage in a little DIY plumbing. Before you pick up a wrench and get to work, however, make sure you don’t commit one of these common novice plumbing mistakes in Las Vegas, NV.

Not remembering to turn off the water first

Whenever you’re going to replace any component that’s attached to your home’s plumbing, make sure to turn off the water first. Sometimes that can be as simple as turning off a knob that’s attached to a specific fixture, like a toilet or a sink. For larger projects, however, you may need to turn off the primary water source for your home.

Misusing drain cleaner

When a drain backs up, a lot of homeowners will grab a household drain cleaner to get rid of the problem. Most of the time, this isn’t a big problem, but when tackling DIY plumbing in Las Vegas, NV, it’s essential to keep the following two things in mind:

  • Some drain cleaners can harm your toilet, so if you’re planning to use one on your commode, make sure it’s the right one.
  • Using drain cleaners too frequently can eat away at the pipes in your home, causing hundreds or thousands in damage to your property.

Remember that a drain cleaner is not likely to be a permanent fix when it’s employed in your home.

Using the wrong pipes

Modern plumbing systems use a massive variety of pipes to get the job done. These pipes are made from a wide array of materials, including everything from steel to copper. What’s more, those pipes also have different fittings meant to connect them to the rest of the pipes in the plumbing system.

If you don’t use the correct type of pipe or the right fitting, you could end up inadvertently doing a lot of damage to your plumbing.

Underestimating the job

Just because you played a lot of Super Mario Brothers as a kid doesn’t mean you’re adequately prepared to undertake a plumbing job on your own. Before you begin, make sure to do lots of homework in preparation. Remember, professional plumbers go through years of training to learn the job. Don’t rush the learning process.

Don’t take chances with your pipes

So much can go wrong when it comes to working on your home’s plumbing that it may ultimately cost you less money (and be less frustrating) if you call in a professional to get the job done correctly. Don’t be tempted into DIY plumbing in Las Vegas, NV—instead, put your home in the hands of Orchard Plumbing, the city’s most trustworthy plumbing contractor.

We offer a huge variety of residential and commercial services, including complete repair, replacement and prolonged maintenance for pipes, bathtubs, faucets and so much more! Need a water heater installed? Tankless or not, we’re the team to trust. Need a drain unclogged? We’ll rush to your aid.

Day or night, you can count on Orchard Plumbing for Las Vegas’ most honest and accomplished plumbing contractor. Call today—we can’t wait to help you!

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