Emergency Plumbing Supplies You Need

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When you’re a homeowner with the means to do so, it’s never a bad idea to put permanent fixes in the hands of a qualified professional. Modern plumbing systems are a sophisticated combination of high-tech components and interlocking pipes made of various materials. In short, they’re confusing, and they’re best left in the hands of a pro. Fortunately for people living in the Las Vegas area, there are plumbers who offer 24-hour service whenever a plumbing disaster strikes.

That said, in the time it takes for a plumber to put down the phone and dispatch a technician, a lot can go wrong. When a pipe is leaking, or a room is flooding, minutes count. With that in mind, here are some essential emergency plumbing supplies to keep in your Las Vegas, NV home.

Plumber’s putty

This relatively cheap epoxy putty can be found in the hardware section of any grocery store. It’s the perfect way to stop a leaking or broken pipe until a repair tech can get into your home and implement a more permanent solution.


Much like the plumber’s putty, a pair of rubber pipe clamps can slide onto a leaking or broken pipe and then clamp down on the problem. Once again, it’s not a permanent repair, but it may save you from having to call in a plumber in the middle of the night.

Know how to shut off your water

Okay, so this one doesn’t technically count as a plumbing supply in Las Vegas, NV, but it’s still crucial. You can immediately eliminate a growing flood in your home by knowing where to find your home’s main water shutoff valve.


Few things are more terrifying than flushing the toilet only to watch the water level rise. In a lot of cases, quickly grabbing a plunger and getting to work can solve your problems. Pro tip: it might be a good idea to invest in multiple plungers for your home. After all, you don’t want to plunge the kitchen sink with a plunger that’s seen the bottom of the family toilet.

A five-gallon bucket

When all else fails, and your clamps, putty or plunger won’t work, you can always resort to an age-old quick fix: the five-gallon bucket. Even if your temporary solutions are successful, you’ll still want a good-sized bucket to sit under the pipe while you’re implementing your fix.

Keep our number handy

Of all the potential emergency plumbing supplies in Las Vegas, NV, one rises above the pack. When the worst happens to your home’s plumbing, make sure to have the number of a qualified plumber. In the Las Vegas area, that means calling in the pros at Orchard Plumbing.

Since we opened our doors more than two decades ago, Orchard Plumbing has built a reputation for honest work that lasts. We understand the importance of a functioning plumbing system, and we know the frustration and anxiety that can arise when your home’s plumbing is on the fritz. That’s why we strive to offer punctual, professional service on every job.

For award-winning service and satisfaction guaranteed, call on Orchard Plumbing. You won’t regret it.

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