Best Practices for Cleaning Your Showerhead

May 4, 2020 Published by Leave your thoughts

There’s nothing quite like a good shower. Feeling the water gush through the showerhead, warming and cleaning your body, is often the best part of a lot of mornings. When your showerhead is dirty, though, or when it’s covered with deposits of lime and rust, it’s a big issue. When water cannot gush freely through your showerhead, not only are you not getting the most from the rejuvenating aspects of your shower, but you’re also not getting as clean as you could be.

Need some tips for cleaning a showerhead in Las Vegas, NV? We’ve got you covered.

What you’ll need

If your showerhead isn’t functioning correctly, you may not need a pricy new showerhead. Instead, just round up the following everyday household objects:

  • A sponge: go with a sponge that has a little texture to it. If you have a sponge that’s soft on one side and smooth on the other, that is ideal.
  • A one-gallon plastic bag: Any leak-proof one-gallon plastic bag will do.
  • A twist tie: Make sure that you’re using a twist tie and not a rubber band.
  • A cup of white vinegar: This is likely the most useful DIY cleaning substance.

Once you’ve assembled those basic ingredients, it’s time to get started.

Elbow grease first

Before you do anything else, take your sponge and get to work scrubbing as much excess gunk off of your showerhead as possible. This first step in cleaning a showerhead in Las Vegas, NV is integral in ensuring the effectiveness of the steps to come.

Now for the vinegar

When you’ve scrubbed off the extra sediment, run your shower for five minutes on hot. While your shower is running, pour your cup of vinegar and one cup of water into your plastic bag. Using your twist-tie, affix the plastic onto your showerhead so that the holes are submerged in your vinegar-and-water solution.

Keep the vinegar attached to the showerhead for up to an hour. The longer you have your showerhead dipped in vinegar, the better.

The final wipe

Once your showerhead is good and soaked, loosen the plastic bag and wipe away any remaining deposits. This should be relatively simple. If you notice that the dirt and debris aren’t rubbing away, repeat the process with a higher concentration of vinegar.

When the showerhead is clean enough for your taste, run the shower for another five minutes to clear out any remaining sediment.

Still having issues?

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