Things People Should Never Put Down Their Drains

December 19, 2020 Published by Leave your thoughts

During the holiday season, there is usually an uptick in houseguests, cooking and baking. No matter what your holiday traditions entail, it’s important to make sure your kitchen is up for the job—and that means it’s a good time to think about plumbing maintenance and care. To make sure your drains stay clean and free of obstructions, it’s a good idea to review some basic advice from local plumbing contractors in Las Vegas, NV about what to avoid putting down your drains.

Taking care of your drains and pipes is one of the best ways to keep plumbing problems at bay. Unfortunately, a lot of homeowners put things down the drain that contribute to clogging and cause extensive plumbing damage. Here are some of the things that should never go down the drain:

  • Cooking oils: Oil, grease and fat from cooking can all contribute to major plumbing obstructions. After cooking, drain oil into a designated container and allow it to cool. This container can be thrown away or disposed of at an oil disposal facility. Regardless of what you do with the used oil, the most important thing is that it doesn’t end up going down the drain.
  • Coffee grounds: Coffee grounds frequently lead to plumbing problems. Lots of people put used coffee grounds down the drain, and that can quickly cause clogs to develop in pipes. Always throw coffee grounds directly into the trash or put them in a compost pile instead of putting them down the drain.
  • Eggshells: Eggshells, like coffee grounds, commonly cause problems in plumbing systems. Eggshells should be thrown away or composted to keep plumbing systems working effectively and minimize the risk of clogs and plumbing damage.
  • Cotton products: Another common misuse of plumbing systems is flushing cotton products down the toilet. Q-tips, cotton balls, cotton pads and feminine hygiene products are often flushed down the toilet and they can cause extensive problems for a plumbing system. Even flushable wipes can create obstructions when they build up along the sides of pipes. With that in mind, it’s important to remember that the only things that should be flushed down the toilet are waste and toilet paper.
  • Food scraps: Even if you have a garbage disposal, it’s important to be mindful about what goes down the drain. Putting food scraps, especially vegetable peels, down the drain can quickly lead to clogs. Garbage disposals are designed to process food scraps, but particularly tough food scraps like potato peels and raw vegetables can be too much for these appliances to handle.

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