Easy Tips for Preventing Clogged Pipes and Drains in Older Homes

January 22, 2021 Published by Leave your thoughts

Every homeowner knows that the problems pile up as a home ages, and the plumbing system is no exception. An older home is particularly susceptible to main line clogs, which occur somewhere within the piping and can often affect multiple sinks. Here are some tips that will help you prevent main line clogs and avoid bigger Vegas plumbing repairs.

Remove sludge buildup

Soap, hair, toilet paper—everything that goes down the drain can end up blocking the main line. To keep your pipes as clean as possible, use a main line enzyme treatment. Simply measure one cup and flush down the toilet at the end of the night for four days in a row. Do this four times per year to keep the enzymes active in your main drain.

Enzymes can also be used in sinks and toilets as a monthly drain treatment. By doing this regularly, you can prevent buildup from accumulating. For maximum impact, use the enzyme treatment on every drain in the house.

Remove tree roots

Main line clogs can also be caused by tree roots interfering with your piping. If you’ve determined that this is indeed the “root” of your problem, remove the troublesome trees.

Alternatively, if removal is not possible, use a root killer. By flushing this product down the toilet, roots that get into the pipes will be killed, but the trees themselves will not be affected. Use a root killer twice per year, in spring and fall when roots are forming.

Minimize what goes down the kitchen sink

Just because it can go down the drain doesn’t mean it should. Fats, oil and grease can form buildup in your pipes, but so too can food scraps, no matter what your garbage disposal would have you believe.

Instead, keep a small trash can by the sink for food waste or compost. Wipe down greasy cookware with a paper towel before washing. Store used cooking oil and grease in a sealable container for disposal or even recycling if there’s a facility in your local area.

Minimize what goes down the bathroom sink

Even an enzyme treatment is no match for hair or dental floss. These objects don’t break down easily, which makes them the perfect materials for forming serious clogs. This isn’t only a problem with long hair, either—hair shavings can glom onto soap scum and oils from body products. It’s best to just not let hair and other clog creators go down the drain at all. Throw them out in the trash, not in the sink or toilet.

To go even a step further, use a hair catcher on your shower drain and install a drain trap in your sink. They’ll have to be cleaned out after every use, but your pipes will thank you for being so proactive!

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