Common HVAC and Plumbing Scams to Watch Out For

March 2, 2021 Published by Leave your thoughts

Scammers will use almost any industry as a disguise to cheat people out of their hard-earned money, and the plumbing and HVAC industries are no exception. Common scams include overcharging for services, providing unwanted or unneeded upgrades and raising rates based on your neighborhood. It is important to know how these scammers operate and what steps you can take to avoid being scammed.

There are many ways you can avoid falling for these scams, including doing proper research on the company that’s offering you plumbing services. It’s always best to go with a plumbing company that already has a good reputation in the community. For example, Orchard Plumbing is a reputable company that even provides 24-hour emergency plumbers to Las Vegas, NV residents.

Scams directly at your door

Scammers these days are relentless, with some coming directly to your door. It is dangerous to let anyone in your home who you haven’t been expecting. Someone may just be saying they are a plumber in order to gain access to your home and rob it. Some of these scammers can be quite persuasive, but it’s important to not allow access to anyone who seems suspicious.

Some scammers may even try to call you and schedule an appointment. However, you should research any company before having them over. Generally speaking, it’s best to only invite a plumber into your home if you called them first because you actually need repairs.

Providing unnecessary upgrades

Even those in the plumbing industry may try to scam you by charging for upgrades you didn’t ask for. They may also use low-cost materials, but charge you expensive fees. This is why it’s important to get an estimate from your plumber before having any services done. You can get several estimates and use them to determine if you’re being charged too much. You should also be sure to get everything in writing. Additionally, make sure your plumber fully explains the services they will be providing and how much they will cost.

Neighborhood markups are another way scammers will charge more than necessary for their services. Those living in certain neighborhoods may unfairly be charged higher plumbing service rates than others.

Estimates that change

Scammers might try to change an estimate over time in order to get more money out of you. While estimates can change if a larger problem is found with your plumbing system, a reputable plumbing service will make sure you are aware of any extra work that may be needed before charging you. A good way to avoid this scam entirely is to have a full inspection done before receiving an estimate.

Finding a trustworthy plumbing service provider

While there are plenty of scams out there, they can be easy to spot in most cases. Be sure to properly research any company you are working with and consider having multiple estimates performed before you agree to have anyone work on your plumbing.

If you’re looking for great service at a fair price, contact Orchard Plumbing. We’re pleased to provide 24-hour emergency plumber services to Las Vegas, NV homes and businesses.

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