Ways to Improve Your Water Pressure

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Trying to take a shower or wash your hands with a slow trickle of water is frustrating and can even be difficult. Thankfully, you (or a plumber) may be able to improve your water pressure by following a few of the tips in this post:

  • Ask your neighbors: Before you jump to conclusions that there’s an issue with your plumbing, ask your neighbors how their pressure is. Sometimes, a dip in pressure can be caused by a problem with the city’s water system, like a broken main or some kind of clog. If this is the case, you’ll just have to sit back and wait.
  • Maintain the water heater: Due to a buildup of minerals in the tank or nearby pipes, a water heater is often the culprit in losing pressure. The heater’s shutoff valve might also not be fully open, which means your plumbing system will receive less water. Some professional water heater maintenance will resolve any water heater problems.
  • Clear a clog: Severe plumbing clogs can restrict water flow to the point that your pressure is nothing more than a trickle. Instead of trying to handle the situation yourself, we advise calling a plumber to find the clog and remove it. In some cases, your plumber may have to replace a section of your plumbing to free the clog.
  • Open the main water valve: Every home has a main water valve that controls the water flow from the city’s system to your plumbing. If the valve is accidentally turned for some reason (like during a repair or routine maintenance), you’ll suffer from lower water pressure. You can save the plumber a trip and open the valve by yourself!
  • Replace the regulator: Homes connected to public water systems also have a regulator located by the meter that prevents water from rushing into the house. Your pressure can gradually drop as the regulator gets old and starts to fail. Replacing the regulator is a larger job, so hiring a plumber to tackle it is in your best interest.
  • Watch for leaks: Leaks in your plumbing system or the main pipe can eventually cause a slow trickle at the faucet. Like finding a clog, spotting a leak isn’t always easy because it can be coming from anywhere in your home. Instead of wasting your time hunting for the leak, bring in a professional who can do the dirty work for you.
  • Install a pressure booster pump: Your pressure problem might not be related to anything with your home’s plumbing but to where your house is located. Properties situated far from the city’s water supply or uphill from it may experience low pressure regardless of how new their plumbing is. The answer is a pressure booster pump! Installing this unit is another task best left to the pros.

Call Orchard Plumbing to inspect your plumbing system

By now, it should be obvious that a professional plumber is needed to resolve most issues related to your home’s pressure. When that’s the case, be sure to call our team at Orchard Plumbing. From performing standard water heater maintenance to fixing leaks and solving pressure problems, we run the gamut of plumbing services.

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