Things to Add in Your Plumbing Kit

March 1, 2022 Published by Leave your thoughts

If you’re a homeowner who has a DIY heart, you’ll need to know about making a basic plumbing tool kit. These are some of the must have tools for plumbers. You’ll need to put them in your plumbing kit if you are serious about creating one:

A Plunger

A good plunger is one item you will surely need if you are a homeowner. Toilet clogs happen frequently, and you will need a plunger when they occur. Ensure you forego buying a cheap plunger and invest in a good-quality model.

That way, you will have the highest power to obliterate those clogs. A plunger is your last resort before contacting a professional plumber. That person might have to use a snake or another sophisticated plumbing tool. Therefore, the plunger you invest in should be the highest quality item you can buy. 

A Wrench

It’s a good idea to invest in multiple wrenches as well. Wrenches are great for projects with pipes and joints. Be sure to purchase several types of wrenches to give yourself the flexibility you might need in your plumbing projects. 

Screwdrivers With Multiple Bits

You will need to purchase some screwdrivers with multiple bits to perform just about any plumbing job. Most tool shops have large sets with screwdrivers and various bits to adapt to even the most complex and intricate projects. 

A Set of Allen Keys

Allen keys are usually necessary for jobs that involve faucets. Therefore, having a little keyset of those items is a good idea. Keep them on your person so you won’t have to run around to find them when a qualifying project presents itself. You’ll be happy you were prepared when the emergency situation hits. 

Duct Tape

Duct tape can work temporarily for a number of projects. For one, it can hold leaky pipes together until you are ready to repair them. It can also cover a crack to stop a small leak. You’ll need to keep some high-quality duct tape around when you have a situation requiring it.

You may also want to buy waterproof tape for similar emergencies. You can get started with the tool mentioned above. However, you should contact Orchard Plumbing if you have any questions or concerns. You can also contact them if your DIY project is unsuccessful or if you have a problem that only a professional can resolve. 

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