12 Reasons Why Your Toilet Is Clogged & How To Prevent Future Clogs

April 28, 2022 Published by Leave your thoughts

Why Is My Toilet Clogged? 

There could be many reasons why your toilet is clogged, and we want to provide you with answers to that as well as the question of "why is there no water in my toilet tank?". 

Your Low-Flow Toilet Isn’t Powerful Enough

You may run into a situation where your low-flow toilet simply lacks the power necessary to keep up with clogs and other issues as you might have hoped. This happens a lot, and many people are perplexed as to why they are experiencing these issues. Check the flow status.

Your Drain Line Is Clogged

This requires a professional plumber to get in there and get it unclogged.

There Is Not Enough Water In the Tank

The water tank in your toilet is also an area to check to ensure there is enough water to facilitate the flushing you need from it. 

Hard Water Has Built Up

Hard water can be a problem with a toilet that refuses to flush. Many areas have hard water, and you should check out if your area is one of them.

Clogged S-Trap

There are many areas of your toilet that could be clogged, and this includes the s-trap in your toilet.

Some Other Type of Blockage

It is entirely possible that there is another type of blockage that is causing you to have a lot of problems.

Flushable Wipes Are Clogging It Up

Despite the "flushable" wipes’ name, it is possible that these wipes are actually blocking your toilet rather effectively. You should avoid flushing these wipes despite what they say.

Flushing of Foreign Objects

There are some objects that should never be flushed down your toilet. If they are, you could have a major plumbing problem that needs to be taken care of right away.

General Maintenance Issues

You may have some common maintenance issues that come up causing you to have a clogged toilet that is causing you some headaches. If that is the case, you need to get a professional plumber to check out what has been happening. 

Slow Septic Systems

If your septic system is not running at full capacity, it might cause you to have a slow-running toilet that doesn’t want to flush. 

Pipework That Needs an Update

Older pipes in your system can cause you to have a real problem. You don’t want to land in a situation where your pipework is so old that you have a toilet that won’t flush, but it does happen sometimes.

Keep an Eye on How Your Toilet Works

You should always try to keep a close eye on how your toilet operates and know what signs to look for that it may be having issues. If it is, you should act quickly to try to stamp out the worst of those problems before they become a bigger deal.

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