Eight Items You Should Never Flush!

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The best way to avoid plumbing repair expenses and embarrassing situations is to avoid the list of unflushables. Can I flush tissues? That might be a question you wish someone to answer. You probably have other questions as well. Here are some answers and information about eight items you should never flush.

Why You Can’t Flush Everything

Your septic pipes are only so wide. Thus, they can easily become clogged if you flush the wrong items down the drain. To protect the integrity of your system, you should be careful to only flush official toilet paper, bodily excretions, and liquids. Certain items are complete no-nos because of their high tendency to cause severe problems. Your system could suffer even if you flush those items only once. 

Eight Items You Should Never Flush

People ask about a variety of items and whether they can flush them. "Can I flush diapers?" and "Can I flush dental floss & hair" are the most common questions. Here’s a short list of eight items that are a definite no:

1. Dental Floss and Hair

Some people think it’s safe to flush floss and hair because they are stringy. However, they don’t break down, and they can wrap themselves around other items and cause problems quickly. 

2. Tissues, Wipes, Napkins, and Paper Towels

Nothing except official toilet paper should go down the toilet. Toilet paper is designed to break down after hitting the water, but those other items aren’t. 

3. Food Items

Food items do not break down, so dumping food isn’t the same as vomiting in the toilet. Thus, you can cause huge problems with your toilet if you put those items into it. 

4. Plastic Things

Avoid putting anything plastic in the toilet. It does not break down and will hang around in your pipes and stop their flow. 

5. Kitty Litter

Flushing your kitty litter instead of taking it to the garbage might seem convenient. However, it can cause damage to your pipes and should be avoided. 

6. Sanitary Napkins

Feminine hygiene products are some of the worst items to flush down the toilet. Please do your plumbing a service by putting tampons and such in the trash. 

7. Cotton Products

Items like Q-tips and cotton bandages can’t go in the toilet because they do not break down in the pipes. Save yourself a huge headache by not flushing them. 

8. Diapers

No diapers of any kind should be flushed down the toilet. Disposable does not mean flushable. 

When To Call a Trustworthy Plumber

It’s time to contact a plumber when you’ve gone through all the basic clog removal methods. You may need some help from a plumber with high-tech equipment to remove items wedged into your sewage system. You can shop around to find a plumber that offers reasonable rates and quality service.

Some plumbing offices stay open 24 hours a day to help those who experience odd-hour emergencies. A professional will be able to get your toilet up and running so that you can tend to your family and accommodate your guests. 

Now you know what to flush and what not to flush. Be kind to your toilet from now on, and it will be kind to you. However, you can contact a reliable plumbing service provider in your area if you ever experience an accidental clog. 

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