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Five Essential Plumbing Tips for First-Time Homeowners

November 22, 2018 Published by Leave your thoughts

Congratulations on purchasing your first home! The first year in a new house is full of unforgettable experiences and surprises, but many homeowners are particularly surprised by the long list of maintenance tasks that accompany homeownership. Previously, these chores would have been handled by a landlord or the maintenance staff, and now your left to conquer them on your own. Regular maintenance is the only way to keep the home’s structure and systems in top shape for years to come. This is especially true with the plumbing system, as one simple clog could lead to a major disaster and an... View Article

Why You Need to Prevent Mold Growth in Your Bathroom

October 22, 2018 Published by Leave your thoughts

Bathrooms are a hot spot in the home for mold, and it’s not hard to see why—they’re small, enclosed spaces that deal with a lot of dampness, and all too often they don’t get the ventilation they need. It’s not enough to just know what causes mold growth and how to prevent it—it’s also important to understand why it’s so critical that you do everything you can to prevent mold growth. Here are just a few of these reasons, from a plumber in Las Vegas, NV: Molds are often toxic: A few of the most common types of mold found... View Article

The Importance of Water Usage Monitoring and Conservation

September 23, 2018 Published by Leave your thoughts

Water is everywhere. It covers over 70 percent of the Earth’s surface. It also makes up around 60 percent of our bodies. Most of us have likely never struggled to access clean drinking water or have had a shortage of water to bathe in or use for household chores. If we did, the shortage was probably brief. To many, water appears to be a resource in endless supply. However, not all of the water on Earth is drinkable or safe for human use, because it is filled with salt or contaminated with feces or chemicals. Water scarcity is a problem... View Article

Five Things That Should Never Go Down Your Drains

August 24, 2018 Published by Leave your thoughts

Your home’s plumbing is designed to effectively process the water that goes down your drains, but it doesn’t always work exactly how it should. Over years of use, it’s not uncommon for pipes and drains to become clogged, which may prevent proper water drainage. While you might not be able to completely avoid drain clogs, there are several things you can do to minimize the chance that this issue will come up and avoid calls to your local plumber in Las Vegas, NV. By being cautious about what goes down your drain, you can promote a healthy plumbing system for... View Article

The Dangers of Hard Water

August 7, 2018 Published by Leave your thoughts

Hard water isn’t just a minor inconvenience. It can be a potential health issue, and can even cause damage to the home if you don’t get it fixed. A plumber in Las Vegas, NV, like Orchard Plumbing, can help. Hard water can be a real hassle for homeowners, and solving the problem can vastly improve your quality of life. Here are some of the reasons hard water should be taken care of as quickly as possible. Health issues You can sometimes tell if something is wrong with your water by the taste. If your water smells or tastes funny, it... View Article